You may have heard that vaping is bad or dangerous, but why? Explore the pages of this  website to learn about the dangers of vaping. Start learning by clicking below!


Estimated number

of adults who will vape by 2021


Of teens think vape pods are just flavoring 

High school students who vape

1 of 5


Life for you to live

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Click below to learn the project that inspired this website. Also, explore the other educational pieces that have been created to spread awareness in our community.

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Vaping is addictive, so we put together some resources if you know someone who is struggling with vaping or are struggling yourself. To visit the page, click below.

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Here is where you can learn all you need to know about vaping. Click here to start exploring.

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Want to know why we got involved in this project? Get to know about what we are doing, and a little about each of us.

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By viewing this site, you are helping to achieve our goal of spreading vaping awareness. It would be another huge help if you could share the link to the website to spread it further. We thank you for your contribution to our project, and hope you have learned something new.

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